License Requirements: US & Canadian residents must have a Valid driver’s license and must be present at the time of the rental. No photocopies or temporary license’s accepted. Visitors from other countries must have a passport, valid driver’s license or international license present at the time of rental.

Taxes & Fees: All taxes are applied in, the rates they do not include insurance coverage. Taxes may apply to additional charges.

Age Requirements: Driver must be 25 years of age or older.

Renter’s Requirements
1) Renter must present a valid original driver’s license and international renter must present a valid original driver’s license from country of residence and an international driver’s license to serve as a translation if the country driver’s license is not in English.

2) Renter must provide a major credit card in the name of renter that can accommodate an authorization of the full amount of the rental plus a minimum deposit of $2,500 and up to $5000.

3) Renter must provide proof insurance coverage ( insurance policy must be a minimum of a year old. Due to insurance reasons, policies less than a year old will not be accepted. ) to cover liability damage to third parties and property.
For our foreign renters, we offer a choice of coverage. Please contact one of our team members in advance for more details.

4) Renter must provide proof of full coverage auto insurance (insurance policy must be a minimum of a year old. Due to insurance reasons, policies less than a year old will not be accepted. ) that extends to the rented vehicle and that will cover damage to the full value of the rented vehicle, loss of value and loss of use of the rental vehicle while it is being repaired. Our foreign renters may purchase waivers to satisfy this requirement or check coverages offered by their credit cards or third party travel insurances like

Insurance Requirements: Renters are required to provide proof of full coverage insurance that will extend over to the rental vehicle. An insurance card and declaration page must be provided in order to verify coverage amounts. (Minimum Coverage amounts will vary depending on the vehicle.) Please contact the office to inquire about a potential Secondary Coverage.
Foreign customers must purchase the International coverage that we offer. Please contact us for more information. International Coverage is an additional $399-$499.

Insurance and Coverage
You are responsible for all collision damage to the Vehicle, even if someone else caused it or the cause is unknown. You are responsible for the cost of repair up to the value of the Vehicle, towing, storage, and impound fees. Your own insurance, or the issuer of the credit card you use to pay for the rental may cover all or part of your financial responsibility for damage to, or loss of, the rented vehicle. You should check with your insurance company, or credit card issuer, to find out about your coverage and the amount of deductible, if any, for which you may be liable. If you use a credit card that provides coverage for your responsibility for damage to, or loss of, the Vehicle, you should check with the issuer to determine whether or not you must first exhaust the coverage limits of your own insurance before the credit card coverage applies. As stated above under Insurance requirements all renters most have and show proof of full coverage insurance and verified before a vehicle will be rented.

Rental Agreement
A renter is only permitted to operate a rented vehicle from us by securing a signed, current rental agreement contract that contains the breakdown of the terms of the rental ( namely total rate, dates and times of pick up and return and other applicable terms)

If the renter requires to keep the car longer, the renter needs to negotiate a new contract prior to expiration of the existing contract.

Rental extensions are not guaranteed.

Rental extensions are new contracts and are subject to availability, rate changes etc.